I Didn't See That Coming!

I was taking the dog out for our daily walk in our local woods; I like to get off trail using the Deer and Badger tracks, getting to the parts most people don't get to.

We were ascending a wee slope & Tala (the dog), was ahead of me, clearing the brow of the brae first. As I continued up the slope I saw Tala acting a bit weird; she was 'play-bowing' and dancing about, her hackles were half raised and what I can only describe as a silly grin on her face!

Now like I said, we were off in the middle of the woods away from any man-made paths and I don't usually see anyone out here, but the behaviour was exactly how she would react to meeting another dog and that's what I thought had happened, but I couldn't see or hear another dog let alone an owner. So I quickened my pace and cleared the brow, no sooner had I come into view a male Capercaillie took off from the ground and flew away down the edge of the wood!

I was gob-smacked by two things; one, that the sight of a 'wolf' bouncing about like an excited 'Tigger' wasn't enough to make the caper fly off, but took my appearance to do that, but also Tala's reaction. Did she simply think, 'you're a funny looking black lab' or as I suspect, he may have given her the full display posture, confusing and intimidating her into that behaviour?

either way she looked a bit put out her potential play mate had vacated without so much as a goodbye.

Chilling after the walk