Spring is in the air!

Black Grouse lek

The first hints of spring are starting to show now, which always makes me happy as Winter can drag in the Highlands. Black Grouse are gathering on their leks, resident waders like Oystercatcher, Curlew, Lapwing and Golden Plover are starting to come back inland to their breeding grounds and I've been watching Rooks collecting nest material for a week or so now.

yesterday in Abernethy Chaffinches and Coal Tits were singing in earnest. In a few weeks the first Ospreys will be arriving, which I can't wait for, our local pair are in for a shock though as the huge nest they've been using for ten years or more blew down in this winters gales and they will have to start again. I'll be interested to see how this effects their breeding season; I'll keep you posted.